Greyhound Freight is a freight distribution service which operates a national freight network providing daily scheduled services which connect metropolitan hubs with regional and remote communities.

Greyhound Freight has capitalized on the available space within our Greyhound Passenger Coach network and combined this with our extensive network of Freight Depots and Authorized Greyhound Agents throughout Australia to enable us to provide a highly competitive road freight service.

To find out more please contact our call centre on 1300 656 532, your local freight depot/agent or by completing our online quote form facility.

Size & weight restrictions on Greyhound Freight are as follows:

Weight: Maximum of 20kg in actual weight. If your item exceeds this, see below or we recommend that you try to repackage your item into smaller parcels which are each below 20kg.

If you have heavier items to send, in some circumstances we may be able to assist so please call our Operators on 1300 65 65 32 and we will give you an immediate answer or suggest an alternative.

Greyhound Freight reserves the right to refuse to send items at our discretion.

Maximum dimensions you can send on our service?     200cm x 100cm x 80cm

We handle freight to cater for both Personal and Commercial activities provided the freight is declared by you not to be restricted or dangerous goods.

We don’t wait until we fill a truck before we can send it. As soon as your freight has been receipted in our depot, we will manifest it for the next available service. Our passenger coaches run 365 days of the year, and most importantly, they run to a timetable.

To find out more please contact our call centre on 1300 656 532 or you local freight depot/agent.

The time it takes freight to arrive at its destination depends on where the item is being sent from and where it is going to.

NB: For Pick-up and Delivery Services, additional days are required and these time frames may vary based on location

No. We only allow this by exception, an example would be an urgent delivery of blood plasma or spare parts required in a remote location. In almost every other circumstance your freight is handed over to an authorised Greyhound Freight Agent or dropped at a secure holding area for collection by the Agent.

The Agent will store your parcel ready for you to collect within normal business hours or arrange for delivery if this service has been requested and paid for.

You can check who your agent is by using our Book On-Line Search Engine.

Depot Services

If you are expecting a freight consignment the sender will have been provided with a consignment number to track the freight. Our consignment numbers begin with 00 followed by 6 other digits. You can track your freight online, by contacting the depot/agent where your freight is arriving or by contacting our call centre on 1300 656 532. Our Greyhound Freight Agent will not pro-actively notify you of freight being held for collection.

Greyhound Freight may charge you storage fees for unclaimed Freight as per our Terms & Conditions.

Delivery Services

If you have paid for a delivery service for your consignment our staff will organise the delivery as soon as it has arrived into the depot. If there are any special instructions for the delivery this will be noted and advised to our couriers. If no one is available to receive the freight consignment and there is no special instructions such as authority to leave the item, our couriers may leave a card to advise we have attempted delivery.

A fee for re-delivery will be charged to you if the freight consignment needs to go out for delivery again or alternatively you can arrange to collect the freight consignment from your depot/agent.

Please note; Greyhound Freight will not pro-actively notify you of expected freight deliveries.

Greyhound uses two main criteria to calculate your freight rate.

  1. Size and Weight calculation

    We will measure, weigh and charge your freight per piece, not per consignment.
    The freight charge for each parcel is calculated on the greater of two measurements:

    • The “actual” weight (commonly known as the dead weight).
    • Or the size (commonly known as the cubic or volumetric weight).

    The cubic weight is used as a means to determine how much “space” your package will take up within our Freight Bins throughout its journey. (To calculate the size (cubic weight), multiply the H x L x D x 250).

    NB: Due to Work Place Health and Safety regulation we are limited to “actual” Weight restrictions of 20 kg per piece.

  2. Service Capability

    We will add the subtotal of the Freight Rate to any additional Service you choose to arrive at a final cost. (eg courier delivery to your door).

An example:

A Computer Monitor packed in a box with an “actual” weight of 15kg’s and dimensions of 50cm H x 50cm L x 50 D.

In this instance, 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 250 = 31 kg’s so we would charge the Freight component at 31 kg’s.

We then add the cost of any additional Service/s such as pick-up & delivery to the Freight Rate to arrive at a final cost.

To find out more, please contact our call centre on 1300 656 532, your local freight depot/agent or by using our online quote/booking facility.

  • To convert your dimensions from Imperial to Metric click here.
  • To view our Transit Time Guide click here.
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To obtain a quote online please use our online quote/booking facility.


Yes. Greyhound Freight operate one of the largest networks available within the freight industry with over 60 authorised Agent Depot locations and Courier partners, servicing suburbs & towns throughout Australia.

NB: A courier service for Pick up or Delivery may not be available in some areas.

Internet bookings

  • All major Debit & Credit Cards

Greyhound company sites

  • All major Debit & Credit Cards
  • EFTPOS (only available in person)
  • Approved Customer Account 
  • Cash (only available in person)

Greyhound Authorised Agents

  • Edi-Debit Account (requires approval)
  • Cash (only available in person)


Security is an area we take seriously. A tightly knit network and our tracking systems are just two ways we can ensure your freight is secure with us. In addition, all freight is signed for upon collection at our Depot or upon delivery by our courier services, which also enables us to provide you with a Proof Of Delivery, on request. Transport Organisations have Terms and Conditions which require the Sender (Consignor) and Receiver (Consignee) to bear all risk. We suggest you contact your Insurance Broker to arrange a quotation on items. Please note; on some items your Broker will not offer to insure and we have included a range within our Terms and Conditions which may fall into that category.

Click here to request a Proof of Delivery for freight you have already sent.

Click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

To track your freight, please enter in your consignment number in our track & trace form otherwise please contact our call centre on 1300 656 532 or your local freight depot/agent with your consignment number.

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