Prohibited Goods

Any item marked with a Dangerous Goods Diamond

Hazardous (dangerous) material listed below WILL NOT be accepted for transportation under any circumstances or conditions:

  • Acids
  • Batteries
  • Explosive
  • Fireworks
  • Used fuel tanks
  • Gases in cylinders
  • Flammable, corrosive, or caustic substances
  • Poisons
  • Radioactive materials (other than for medical use)
  • Dry ice

Other prohibited articles

Consignments which contain the following commodities:

  • Abattoir products
  • Animal heads or animal corpses
  • Live reptiles or snakes
  • Wild game
  • Seafood & associated products
  • Articles packed in wet ice or water (see exemption 1)
  • Firearms, ammunition or any other item that could be described as a weapon
  • Fluorescent signs
  • Materials having a disagreeable odour
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Neon signs or neon tubing
  • Any illegal drugs & substances


Exemption 1

Shipment of human blood and pathology samples packed in wet ice and packed to industry standard will be accepted for transportation.

Exemption 2

Greyhound Freight reserves the right to refuse transportation of any good/material/commodity not listed above.

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