Package your freight items securely and safely. Use bubble wrap and masking tape to ensure your items are protected from damage during transit. Please read the terms & conditions and be sure you understand the terms of carriage of your freight.

How to calculate your freight cost

Please note: the maximum dimensions you can send with us is 200cm x 100cm x 80cm (2m x 1m x 0.8m)

The price you will be charged is based on the dead weight or cubic weight of your item, whichever is the greater.

Dead weight is the actual weight of your parcel in kilograms.

Cubic weight is the parcel’s volume/space weight. To calculate your cubic weight see below.

Cubic conversion is a formula used in converting a volume measurement into a weight measurement, the universal number of which is 250.

Step 1: Put your item in the scale and weight it. In this example the box’s dead weight is 5kg.

Step 2: Measure your box’s height, width and length, and convert measurements to meters.

Step 3: Multiply the height x width x length x 250 (cubic conversion) to get your cubic weight.

In this example the box is: 0.8m(H) x 0.5m(W) x 0.15m(L) x 250 = 15kg

Answer: Therefore if the dead weight of this parcel was 5kg and the cubic weight was 15kg, the greater weight of 15kg will be used to calculate the price.

Use your calculated greater weight measurement to find corresponding price for your destination in tables below or contact us for a free quote.

If you have any questions, please ring our Freight Call Centre (Monday to Friday, 8AM – 5PM) during business hours on 1300 656 532 or send your query by email to [email protected].

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